VPS Vs Cloud: VPS Hosting, With a Chance of Cloud Hosting

Published: 03rd June 2011
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What is Windows VPS Hosting?
VPS or Virtual Private Server is a type of web hosting that virtually divides one physical server into different partitions. Subscribers to VPS hosting will still enjoy the security offered by a dedicated server but they would have to physically share a single server. VPS might be compared to a group of servers located inside a server. Each VPS can have their separate operating program and could work without influence from other server. A single VPS account could contain a program and booting a single private server will never impact other servers.

VPS hosting is created possible by the application that controls the different servers. With the introduction of Hyper-V and Windows 2008 VPS hosting providers will now have a a lot more secure and reliable platform over its predecessor Windows Virtual Server 2007. VS 2007 could not compete with the current offerings by providers like VMWare but with Windows VPS servers hosted on Hyper-V and windows 2008 clients can expect a must better experience and performance increase from VMWare and also the other VM managers on the market these days when running the Windows OS.

Advantage of Windows VPS Hosting
Windows VPS hosting has a familiar functions an administrator would expect from its creator. Using the familiar windows interface, setting up windows VPS hosting is really a breeze. Because of the familiarity of the windows application to different types of hosting, administrators could effortlessly adapt Windows VPS hosting and enhance security.

Windows VPS Servers are also useful for businesses and people that run higher-traffic Web websites, complex applications or require customized environments that can't be supplied in shared hosting but don't wish to have the overhead cost of dedicated hardware together with better control over the security.

Disadvantage of Windows VPS Hosting
Running the Windows OS on a VPS will make you believe twice since it'll need a considerable amount of resources from the server. But this could be addressed by using the newest version of Windows 2008 Secure Core, A scaled down version of the windows OS but some clients if running big number of applications might need a dedicated server due to the resource requirements of the Windows OS.

Windows VPS Hosting vs. Linux VPS Hosting
Windows VPS Hosting is often compared to Linux VPS Hosting. These two operating systems for VPS hosting has their advantage and disadvantages. Price wise, Linux will be the clear winner since it's an open source which indicates the server host could acquire the software program for free.

Windows however could be pricey simply because of the payment for licenses. The disadvantage of Linux is largely based on the unfamiliar really feel of this kind of hosting. But with regards to performance, both are nearly the exact same since they base their performance mostly on their hardware rather than the operating program.

I think you will discover Microsoft gaining a considerable lead in the Windows VPS market because they are already catching up within the Web Server usage counts due to the success of the .NET platform that's not obtainable on Linux.

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